Mamp Pro Windows Version ( Focus )

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Mamp Pro Windows Version ( Focus )

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Hi, i just wanna suggest developers to update Windows version .

What i mean?

*Wordpress upgrade to last version or give optional ( I can't upgrade from installed Wordpress on local , it's strange ) .

*PHP upgrade to last version or give optional . ( I think recommend version it's okay but optional we need last version ) .

*Mysql upgrade to last version or give optional ( 5.7 it's to old, and real devels don't use odd packages )

*MariaDB full support or choose between Mysql.

Functions :

*Public Share like "Local on Flywheel" or OSX version .
*Support more Extras like prestashop etc.
*Improve performance ( to slowly of loading process ( services working faster but still slowly. )
*Mamp Tray don't Integrate with Window App ( Don't Reload Services on Real time and on restore window app loading like new application )
*Improve application loading. ( general performance )
*Fix problem with select "Default Apps" not all Application is on list, not all is in correct place and i don't see custom path to app.

I think Windows version is odd and don't upgraded like OSX , it's make me sad thinking about that.
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