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MAMP Pro macOS - 6.3.2 2021-02-23

The latest MAMP Pro releases for macOS & versions. Post here for ongoing issues with version releases.
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MAMP Pro macOS - 6.3.2 2021-02-23

Post by mampsupportmod »

*Incomplete /etc/hosts file will be fixed at program start if necessary
*Fixed: crash when editing database names in new hosts dialog
*"my.cnf found" alert now respects "Don't show again" checkbox
*Activating command line shortcuts are now updated when changing PHP versions
*Composer correctly detects PHP from MAMP
*improved handling of .htaccess file
*more detailed error messages
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Re: MAMP Pro macOS - 6.3.2 2021-02-23

Post by christiandominguez »

Hello, I just upgraded from MAMP PRO 6 to 6.3.2, and Apache won't start. It keeps getting shutdown by MAMP Pro.
Is there a fix for this ?
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