MAMP Pro & MySQL 8.0?

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MAMP Pro & MySQL 8.0?

Post by mampsupportmod »

I'm hearing MySQL 8.0 has dramatic performance increase. Hoping this becomes available in the next big release of MAMP Pro.
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Re: MAMP Pro & MySQL 8.0?

Post by PeteS_UK »

My hosting provider only supplies mySQL 8 now so without MySQL 8 support in MAMP I am no longer able to mirror the live environment on localhost for development and test.

Anyone know why MAMP does not support MySQL8 or if it is likely to be supported in the near future?

Until then I have to find some alternative solution to MAMP :cry:

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Re: MAMP Pro & MySQL 8.0?

Post by markbijl »

Hi everyone,

With MySQL 5.7 EOL coming in November 2023, an update of MySQL in MAMP PRO is kind of unavoidable..? Does anyone know if an update is scheduled (e.g. MAMP 7?) and if so, when? We also need to phase out MySQL 5.7 and our team is all on MAMP PRO. Would be a shame to have to let go of that...

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