Adding extensions to PHP

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Adding extensions to PHP

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Searching the net I see all kinds of posts about installing extions to PHP, but they are usually with very outdated versions of MAMP. On top of that, it either is written like you are a server admin, or leaves out particulars.

I am NOT a server admin, so I need some step-by-step information on how to add extensions to PHP. Uncommenting items is not really an answer, because there usually are not any in the INI file, or the one I need does not exist.

For example, in MAMP PHP version 7.2.22 the LDAP extension is installed and ready to go. I use that a lot with the apps I create. PHP 7.3.0, however, does not have it installed. I now have a situation where my framework will not work below PHP version 7.3.0 due to dependencies needing the PHP version to be 7.3.0 or higher.

So the question is, how do I install LDAP into my PHP versions higher than 7.2.22? Also, why is it no longer included with PHP?

Any direction would be appreciated.
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