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MAMP Pro Apache not starting

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MAMP Pro Apache not starting

Post by mampsupportmod »

Include the following:

1. MAMP Version

2. Operating System

3. All you Apache Logs
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Re: MAMP Pro Apache not starting

Post by christiandominguez »

MAMP Pro version: 6.3.2

Operating system: MAc OS Big Sur

Apache is not logging anything. logs are blank.

I just upgraded to 6.3.2, and apache cannot start. The console message is : Server has been stopped. Mamp Pro has stopped the apache server
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Re: MAMP Pro Apache not starting

Post by vojtak »

Hi, apache not starting

MAMP Pro version: 6.3.2
macOS Big Sur v. 11.2.1

apache error log is empty
port is set to 80 and si free

Another Apache web server is running on the same port - checked
Skype is running - checked, i dont have skype
Your Template file is corrupt - checked - I did not make any changes, there is not even such a directory for me
A host has an invalid document root - checked

reset server settings
reset apache modules

turn off and turn on everything.... :oops: :oops:

What can I do, please
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