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Database not creating tables

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Database not creating tables

Post by ColinM »

I'm a complete beginner with MAMP.
I installed recently to create a WP website online.
I had issues to start with and ending up using phpmyadmin to create a new database (to start again). However, when created this database showed as having no tables.
After several attempts I deleted the WP install, deleted MAMP and MAMP pro, restarted my macbook and reinstalled both. However I still have the same problem. I get as far as creating a database in phpmyadmin and I get a warning 'no tables found in database'.
Working on OS Sierra 12.10.6

Suggestion for solving this appreciated
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Re: Database not creating tables

Post by mampsupportmod »

Whenever you create a database in MAMP its going to be blank. Setup your MAMP host and put your wordpress kickstart setup inside the host directory and begin the install. I'm actually not very familiar with Wordpress, but it a new install should get you as far as importing into your new MAMP database.
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