Leaving mamp / lack of support

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Leaving mamp / lack of support

Post by cjobes »

MAMP, while having been useful in the past, is now on its last legs with me.

Having no ability to upgrade/update MySQL and leaving us all in the dust with MySQL 5 when it is 8 that is used, makes this platform nearly unusable.

Sticking developers in this hole has made my work reconsider using MAMP Pro. Along with its nearly useless support that regurgitates old/out dated solutions that do not work, and its lengthy time wasted waiting for a response from support that still ultimately ends up with non-viable solutions, we're done.
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Re: Leaving mamp / lack of support

Post by mampsupportmod »

I share your frustrations. Have you found a better or equal alternative for macOS?
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Re: Leaving mamp / lack of support

Post by ghostridertc »

I posted this under another forum but thought I would add my 2c worth as I am in the same boat. I could not find another MAMP Mac solution worthwhile and MAMP PRO does have some really useful features so I will be sticking with it but I made a plan with the MySQL 8 issue. I recently started using Laravel and the app requires MySQL 8 so I used a Docker container and it works fine. Keeps it really simple and runs in its own container and doesn't affect the host.

I ran the following commands below to create the container, then used DBeaver to login and setup DB users and import a database and voila. All running smooth. This command maps port incoming port 3307 to the docker container image so it won't cause a conflict if your MySQL is running on 3306. To backup the DB just dump it.

docker pull mysql:8.4
docker run --name mysql8.4 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root -d -p 3307:3306 mysql:8.4

Not the most ideal solution but it's quick and easy and it works and you can basically install any database you need.
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Re: Leaving mamp / lack of support

Post by WrongSizeGlass »

I'm a long-time MAMP user and have found it to be very useful. Regretfully, I have to agree that MAMP support is dreadful, and if their product quality is as poor as their customer service then MAMP Pro 7 will be awful.

I recently submitted a ticket, and their response was, "It should support that but you may consider changing the pHp version along with configuration changes to enable it." That was their entire response. I was surprised by this lack of interest and lack of effort.

When I asked for more information (e.g., change what?) it took them 10 days to respond, and only after I contacted appsolute thinking they were still the parent company for MAMP.

Eventually I was told that they (MAMP) can use the feature on their end and that they could not reproduce my problem. They suggested that I change a few items in the configs (these changes did not work). They then said that the feature doesn't work on their end and will not be fixed in version 7 (coming soon).

It has been over three weeks since their last response and they will not answer or even acknowledge my questions or contact requests.

I'm hoping to find a replacement for MAMP just on principal. My concern is that their lack of respect for their paying customers doesn't stop at customer service, and continues into development and QA.

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