How to make MAMP know where ffmpeg is?

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How to make MAMP know where ffmpeg is?

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I have downloaded ffmpeg and have installed it in a folder in my home directory.
I have added this folder containing ffmpeg to my Macs environmental path.
And so if I open a terminal window and type "ffmpeg -version" , it responds correctly.
And so that part is OK.

I am installing a php based CMS named ProcessWire.
One of the modules it uses needs ffmpeg in conjunction with ffmpeg-php to work.
This module has the ffmpeg-php files contained within it.

If I install this on a Linux server and create a website with it, all works well.
Unfortunately, if I try and run this same site in MAMP Pro, I get an error message that "FFmpeg is not installed on host server" when working on any sites I create.

I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some ideas how we can make MAMP Pro aware where FFmpeg is installed on our system.

Mac Big Sur 11.7.10
export PATH=$PATH:/Users/mb/bin
MAMP Pro 6.9

Many thanks!
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