is MAMP dead?

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is MAMP dead?

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mamp 7 was rumored to release back in 2021.
mysql 5.7 reached EOL in October 2023 but there's still no update for mysql 8.x or mariadb.
last updates (march 2023) have been merely bugfixes.
so my question is: is this a sinking ship? would be a shame, because it has been a reliable and comfy tool for years
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Re: is MAMP dead?

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I saw a dev note in the bug base the new version of Mamp will have MySQL and other fixes. The question is, when.
The upcoming MAMP PRO Version 7 will include MysQL Version 8 as well. It will allow you to choose between 5.7 or 8.x, but they won't be running simultaneously.
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