Troubles creating a local copy of a live WP site

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Troubles creating a local copy of a live WP site

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I am new to MAMP Pro v6.8 and am not really a developer (please bear with me). I am trying to create a local copy of a live WP site while facing a number of issues.

Attempting to use the Remote feature failed even after increasing the timeout. My ISP says nothing is wrong at the serverside and is blaming it on a MAMP.

When I try to create it manually from a server backup by naming the local instance as {siteURL}, MAMP keeps giving me a red (←) on the db name even though that db name string is a direct copy of the local db name that exists. My guess is the issue may be the db name, which contains an underscore. Although MAMP GUI lets you type underscores, I am not sure what is going on.

The only way to move on was to delete the local db, finish installation, create a new db, and load it from the gz file. Then, link the instance with the db in MAMP. All seems to be OK, but when I open it with any browsers, the browser opens a download dialog instead of loading the site. Quite puzzling.

Checked everything with wp-config.php but to no avail. If I create an empty WP local site from scratch, everything works as expected. Any pointer would be much appreciated.
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