Upgrade Curl version in MAMP PRO 6.6.3

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Upgrade Curl version in MAMP PRO 6.6.3

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Hi all,
I need to upgrade in my localhost the Curl of MAMP PRO due the necessity of using SFTP protocol. If I execute in Mac terminal the following command:
/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/curl-config --version

it's prompt the version libcurl 7.68.0

But I need to upgrade it or added the libssh2 to be able to use protocol SFTP. The problem that I tried to download the latest curl version and execute the following command:

./configure --prefix=/Applications/MAMP/Library --with-ssl=/usr/local/Cellar/openssl\@1.1/1.1.1q --with-libssh2

but after restarting MAMP PRO it always telling me that I'm still using libcurl 7.68.0

Can someone help me?
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