MAMP Pro local Magento2 installation email testing mayhem

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MAMP Pro local Magento2 installation email testing mayhem

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I'm trying to get email testing with a local Magento2 installation and MAMP Pro with activated MailHog to get to run and I'm getting nuts, because I am unable to find any useful information about this.

When I "send a test email" in the MAMP Pro MailHog section it is sent. But when I do a test order in my Magento2 installation nothing happens. No mail appears in the MailHog GUI.

I tried to change the sendmail_path in the MAMP Pro php.ini template that I'm using (PHP 7.4.21 in my case):


MAMP_MailHog_MAMPsendmail_path = MAMP_mhsendmail_MAMP (I commented this out)

and added:

sendmail_path = /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/MailHog sendmail (and restarted the servers)

That didn't change anything.

In the Magento2 admin backend I set up mail with localhost (tried also) and the standard port 25 (tried the MailHog port here, too - that is 1025 in my case).

All that did nothing. I'm totally lost here and any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance and best wishes,

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