MAMP 6.6 won't run

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MAMP 6.6 won't run

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Installed MAMP 6.6 and I cannot get Apache to launch.

Trying to migrate to macOS Big Sur on a new laptop as my old one is dying.

Have been using MAMP for about 10 years now, so I know the drill with setting up virtual hosts, php.ini, httpd.conf and so on.

When I launch MAMP 6.6...
  • The home page in Firefox doesn't launch
  • I see "Stop" which implies that Apache 2.4 is running, but when I try to launch a test page in one of my Netbeans projects it won't load.
  • When I click Stop" and then "Start" I get "Error. Apache couldn't be started. Please check the MAMP installation and configuration."
  • For the Document Root it says: "/Pradde/Programme/MAMP/Library/OpenSSL/certs/empty.crt" even though I set the default Document Root to: "Applications > MAMP > htdocs"

If I change the ports back to the defaults of 8888, 8888, 8889 the MAMP home page launches, but then that messes up the virtual hosts I have poiting to Port 80.

I have NEVER had so much installing a new version of MAMP and getting it to work on my MacBook Pro as right now?!

Could really use some help here!!! :cry:
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