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How to get mail working?

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2021 4:26 am
by volleybrian
I did the bad thing, and followed MAMP's onscreen suggestion to disable Postfix and replace it with Mailhog. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that Mailhog is just a "fake" mail server for local testing; it won't actually send emails. Now, as of MAMP Pro 6.3, Postfix cannot be reinstalled once you remove it.

So now I'm screwed because this runs on a headless box doing all kinds of scripts for our company, and there are people depending on notification emails from it all day long. None of them are working. PHP's mail() command no longer works, and other scripts that use PHPMailer don't work anymore either. I uninstalled Mailhog and tried to use PHPMailer to make direct connections with Gmail and AWS to send mail, but no outgoing connections appear to do anything at all.

Does ANYONE have a solution for sending actual emails with MAMP Pro 6.3? They probably total 50-100 a day and many are business critical. Thanks.