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  3. Saturday, 22 June 2019


This is a question relating to MAMP Pro 4 and demo mode of 5.3.

I have been using PRO4 for a while and have noticed that if I upgrade the WordPress installation past 4.9.6 to the latest version of WordPress then in the extras panel it is still showing Wordpress 4.9.6 even though WordPress is now running 5.2.1. But then I am unable to connect to the host, even if its a localhost. Typically, I was working on my local copy and updated the installation but now cannot connect to it any more.

Thinking that Mamp Pro 4 does not support WordPress V5.2.1, I have tried the latest version of MAMP Pro5. However, this is still the same problem? I can install a fresh copy of WordPress and this works fine, but I can't seem to connect to any of my previous hosts. I am reluctant to upgrade until I find a fix

Using MacOS 10.14.5 and the staging site in the image does say Error establishing a database connect but have checked the wpconfig.php they seem correct. So I am at a bit of a loss?

 Screenshot 2019 06 22 at 13.24.41

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