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  2. MAMP - Troubleshooting
  3. Monday, 21 January 2019
Here is a compiled list (more commands added over time) of common MySQL commands you can use during troubleshooting MySQL issues. It's easiest to run these commands while connected to MySQL via Terminal or command line.
Display MySQL Log Variables - displays the current log file configurations for your MySQL installation
show variables like '%log%';
Show MySQL Process List - displays current list of open MySQL connections
show processlist;

Show Open Tables - displays MySQL open table count
show global status like 'open_tables';
Show Opened Tables - displays MySQL opened table count
show global status like 'opened_tables';

Show Locked Tables - displays MySQL locked tables count
show open tables where In_use > 0;
Show Aborted Connects - displays MySQL aborted connections in real time
show status like 'aborted_connections';

Show Info - displays general MySQL statistics including version and uptime

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