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hello my name is jay 


So a couple of week's ago i downloaded and installed Mamp version 5.3 on os sierra 10.12.6, which successfully installed. After watching most  of the videos on youtube ( which are out of date in the respect that they are all using older versions of mamp ) i was not able to complete the set up of creating a database through phpmyadmin. all the tutorials were showing a simple url link or clickable link on the mamp home page but every time i tried it said error some thing and another not set up.  i was never able to solve this issue. I then found phpmyadmin-lite and mysql-lite which gave me a similar home screen to phpmyadmin but it was not like for like. 


Now my 14 day trial is over and i cannot turn on my servers or do anything. all i want to do is be able to install wordpress on my computer, buy a theme and start my website. what have i done wrong ? how can i rectify this ?  do i need to uninstall mamp ? on all the tutorials it said to click on the free mamp version but i only received one option when i downloaded which was mamp pro ? please some one help ; (


i don't know how to code either. 


cheers Jay 

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Create your database when you create host, it’s step by step after you begin creating a new host. Any reason you weren’t doing it that way?


Also is that your only issue? A bit confusing your post otherwise. 

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