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  3. Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Good morning,


I am new to MAMP and made a fresh installation of the free version on my MAC. I installed a typo3 Website there, using MySQL and PHP 7.3.9.


In general it works, but every few clicks in the Backend of Typo3 as well as in the Frontend Website Firefox display an error:

connection interrupted
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
Same happens when using Chrome.
When I reload the Website several times everything works good again for a couple of clicks.

I changed the default http Port from 8888 to 80 and edited the php.ini from 7.3.9, but nothing special  changed tehere. Only max_exec_time and similar things were set to a higher value as I use it on my Webserver.

Has anybody an idea how to fix the problem, or how I can find out what might be wrong?

Thank you in advance, Vincent


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Just found this entry, so mine is kind of a duplicate to this: https://mampsupportforum.com/forums/latest/receiving-the-connection-was-reset-error-messages-on-localhost-sites...Sorry was searching before but could not find anything concernign my problem. This Post can be closed...

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I had the same issue with Joomla! after the update to MAMP PRO 5.6. After a lot of failed attempts to fix it, I've found an easy solution.

Go to PHP -> Mode -> switch to CGI Mode (I used the module mode before). Restart the server and Joomla! should work again without any issues with PHP 7.3 (PHP 7.4 also works but the core is not fully compatible with it yet).

Have success!


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