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  3. Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Hi, i'm trying to use the BluePrint function and have some problem with it.

  • MAMP Pro 6.0.1
  • MacOS X 10.15.7

1/ I have a host called "base.crea" (A joomla installation)

2/ Drag it to "Blueprint" folder

3/ Create a new host from Blueprint :

mamp blueprint 01

4/ The process run and say "Moving database" :

mamp blueprint 02

5/ But when the process is finished, the database is empty :

mamp blueprint 03

Is there anything I miss there ? Any advice would be welcome :-)

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Hi there!

I'm not familiar with Blueprint, but can you provide any logs after the database is created? And I would think the database is blank at first but I could be mistaken

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