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Hi there, first post. Hopefully someone can help me.


I run a small website where people can view and purchase photographs. This is powered via MAMP 3.5.2. (php 5.6.10).


I recently needed to host MAMP on a new Mac and therefore copied the files over. This all went well, except that when I started MAMP for the first time after the transfer and looked at the website where I noted some of the files cannot be seen. The common factor is that all the files were uploaded in the last month and are the most recent additions.

I have looked in the HTDocs folder and the images are there in full. They are also in the API cache, so it would seem there is something preventing them being seen. I have tried to verify and repair the MYSQL databases via Tools, but nothing seems to help.

Any help appreciated.



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Did you check permissions on all the files and make sure they match? Are you on Mac or Windows?

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