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  3. Monday, 23 March 2020

Hi, after doing several inconclusive research.
What is the exact procedure for using GD WEBP support ?
Version 7.3.9 does not include it, how can we activate it?
I try this:
> brew update

> brew install webp
> brew reinstall php73 --with-webp

Without success ...


Best Regards

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We're also looking for webp support in GD functions (PHP 7.4.2).

In AWS (one of our target environments) it's as simple as installing libwebp-devel but despite my best efforts, I can't get it to recompile on MAMP OSX for local development.

Any support or even links to working documented steps would be appreciated!

Brian Berneker
Country Digital Products Leader
IKEA Canada

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Can you offer an way to enable webp support for GD?
We really like mamp pro and would like to continue using it.

But without webp on the local, we can not test and deploy to server with webp.

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