1. texas-bronius
  2. MAMP - Feature Requests
  3. Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Please consider changing the color of server running status Running in the MAMP Pro app icon shown when switching tasks (cmd-tab) to something not red. The issue is that it _always_ looks like I have unread notifications when switching tasks, which is very distracting for an ADD brain begging for distractions :).

Instead: Consider changing the existing arrow icon to Green.

Also: Consider also changing the server status not-running/stopped status to include a status indicator. It could be the same arrow icon but light grey and with a dark outline, or maybe it's a grey Square ("Stop" for "stopped") or grey Pause icon.

While you're at it: maybe for slower-starting MAMP setups it would be nice to have an intermediary "Starting" icon of some sort, either grey, green, or maybe Yellow.


Thanks for the great tool: Makes development really easy to get in and out of. Works consistently all the time every time!


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